Yas Island

Travel Content Awards

Overview ⋗ Submission Guidelines


Submitting Entries
Entries must be submitted through travelcontentawards@yasisland.ae. To submit, fill out Required Entry Submission Information for each entry, limiting to two entries per category. Entries can be submitted as .doc or.pdf files, no more than 1MB. Should the file size exceed 1MB, files must be submitted with a link to your private file-sharing system (e.g. Dropbox).


Submission Guidelines

To submit, fill out the Entry Submission Form for each entry, limiting to two entries per category per submission, observing the following guidelines:

  • Content that has appeared in print media must be submitted as a PDF file and accompanied by a corresponding URL if the content was also published online.

  • All corresponding visuals entered must be appropriate to the category for which they are submitted and must have been made by entrant and/or the entrant’s organization. Stock photography will not be accepted as appropriate or relevant content to any entry.

  • Entrants may submit content published to social media channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, etc.) Entries must be factual and should not include dramatization, and are defined as a single piece of journalism executed essentially by one journalist or content creator.

  • Video entries must have been published in the sense of having been made available to an audience

  • If the entry is included on a news site, the producer or news director contact information must be provided acknowledging that they are aware of the submission.

  • Entries may be submitted in any language, however, we strongly recommend submitting your project in English (or providing an English translation). Non-English video material submitted must be accompanied by a translated transcript for reference of the judging panel.


Award Submissions

Submit your award entry to travelcontentawards@yasisland.ae